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Managing Series Settings
Managing Series Settings

Need to get a grasp on how to manage your Series Settings?

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Series Settings

We built the Series Settings tool to help you combine your video, audio, and document files together to present your weekly messages online to your congregation and site visitors.

What is a Series?

A series is a combination of episodes containing video or audio versions of church messages/sermons.

What is an Episode?

An episode lives inside of a sermon series and contains a video file, audio file (or both), and a document for sermon notes (optional.)

How to manage Series Settings

To start managing your series settings, log in to CMS 3.0, then go to Media > Series Settings from the top menu. On the landing page you will see options for Manage Series, and Series Settings.

Manage Series

Adding a New Series

To create a new series click on the "Add New Series Button." You'll see new options to create a new series. 

  • Set Series as Active (select Yes or No) 

  • Series Title (required)

  • Author or Speaker

  • Series Description

  • Series More Information Link

  • Series Topics (comma separated keywords, add all topics for site in series settings. Match exact spelling.)

  • Series Start Date (required)

  • Series End Date (required)

  • Series Image (required) (1920x1080px image)

  • Category (select category if applicable, categories are created in Series Settings.

Once you have filled all required fields, click Add Message.  

Managing an Existing Series

To manage an existing series click on the series title beneath the Current Series list on the left side of your screen. To edit the Series click on the Edit Series button. 

Adding a New Episode

Click on + Add New Episode to Series to create a new episode. You'll see new options to create a new episode.

  • Episode Title (required)

  • Episode Description

  • Episode Author

  • Episode Video File (select a video from videos you've uploaded to FaithNetwork CMS)

  • Episode Audio File (select an audio file from audio files you've uploaded to FaithNetwork CMS

  • Allow Download of MP3 (select Yes or No)

  • Episode File Cabinet File (select a document from from docs you've uploaded to FaithNetwork CMS)

  • Buy URL (ask us how to enable this)

  • Link to Podcast (insert your direct Podcast link if applicable)

  • Tags (single words separated by commas)

  • Date (required)

Once you have filled all required fields, click Save.

Editing an Existing Episode

To edit an existing episode click on Edit by any existing episode.

Once a Series has an active episode it will appear on your site. To make an episode active it must have either a video or audio file assigned (or both).

Series Settings

To manage series settings, click on the Series Settings button on top of your screen. You'll see new options to manage your series settings.


What do you call your teachings?
Different churches call their teachings by different names. i.e. Messages, Sermons, etc. You can use this field to name yours accordingly.

Do you use buy now buttons on Episodes?
You can insert a URL to link anywhere on the web. 

How you would like the messages page header to show?
You can choose what the sub header area on your Messages page looks like. You can choose to Show your Default Sub Header, Show Latest Series Large, or Show Latest Series Side-by-Side.

Episode Page Sub Header
You can choose what the sub header area on your Episode pages look like. You can display the Series Graphic, or remove the Sub Header completely. 

Message Center Display Type
You can choose how your messages are displayed on your messages page. You can choose from a Grid View, Single Row Slider, or a Category Row Slider.

Topics List
You can create topics for your messages, separate every topic with a comma. 

Series Categories
You can create Series Categories to use features like the Category Row Slider.

Once you've made any changes to Series Settings, click on Save Settings.

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