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Learn how to create Podcasts for your Audio and Video.

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You can create Podcast RSS feeds for submission to the Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store, or other Podcast distribution services.

Creating Podcasts

To get started creating a Podcast, go to Media > Podcast Settings.

Once on the Podcast Settings page, click + Add New Record; then proceed to filling out all fields.

  • Podcast Title

  • Podcast Category (use exact text from Apple's list)

  • Podcast Sub Category (use exact text from Apple's list)

  • Podcast Subtitle

  • Podcast Description

  • Podcast Summary (this can be the same as Description)

  • Podcast Tag

  • Podcast Author

  • Podcast Copyright (who owns the Podcast?)

  • Podcast Date

  • Podcast Image (1400x1400 px 72 ppi image required - make sure this image is already uploaded to Site Images so that you can select it.)

Once all fields have been filled out, click Save.

Assigning Audio or Video to your Podcast

Now that you've created a Podcast, you can go into your Audio files or Video files to assign a Podcast. Make sure to save changes after assigning a Podcast. 

Note: You can also assign audio or video to a Podcast during the upload process. 

Submitting a Podcast

Obtain your Podcast RSS feed URL

To obtain your Podcast RSS Feed URL, edit your Podcast in Podcast Settings. Then copy the URL to your Podcast at the bottom of the page.

Paste the URL after your website address:

Visit the full address using your web browser, the copy the address you are redirected to - this is the address you will use for submission to the Podcast distributor of your choice:

Submitting Podcast to Apple

Use Podcasts Connect to submit your podcast on the iTunes Store. An Apple ID that has been activated in iTunes is required.

After submission, your podcast will be reviewed by Apple for approval. If your podcast is approved, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to your podcast on iTunes Store. This podcast link will be live shortly after this email has been sent. Your podcast will become searchable in the iTunes Store after is indexes, which may take up to 24 hours. Sign into Podcasts Connect to view the status of your podcast.

Submitting to other Podcast Hosts

You can also submit your Podcast to other Podcast hosts, here is a list of other well-known Podcast hosts.

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