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URL Rewrites

Learn how to use URL Rewrites to shorten URL's.

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You can use URL Rewrites to shorten long URL's. To access the URL Rewrites, login to the content manager, then go to Navigation menu, then select URL Rewrites.

How To Rewrite URL's

  1. Click on  + Add New Record

  2. Type what you want your shortened URL to be in the Rewrite URL field. 

  3. Insert the URL you want to shorten in the Physical URL field. Make sure to only include the "/" and beyond. Example: would be incorrect, and /contentpages.aspx?p=e4fa927e-d7bf-47cc-a945-58c431db3a68 would be correct.

  4. Use the Notes field to type in something for you to remember (Optional).

  5. Click Save.

Repeat the above steps for every URL Rewrite you want to create. Once you're finish setting up URL Rewrites, click Publish All Changes.

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