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Site Sub Headers

Learn how to set your default and custom sub headers. (top banners)

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What are Sub Headers?

Sub headers are the large (or narrow) banner-like images located at the top of your sub pages. You can change the sub headers for all pages across your site.

Here's an example: The image behind the Find Us text is the sub header.

Managing Site Sub Headers

You can set your Default sub header, Custom sub headers, and Tool sub headers. To manage your sub headers, login to the content manager, then go to Pages & Sections, then select Site Sub Headers.

Default Sub Header

To set the default sub header, click on Open by the Set Default Image field, then select your desired sub header image from your Site Images. Click on the Update Default Image button to save your changes. Default sub headers will affect all of your pages.

Custom Sub Header

You can set custom sub headers on a page-by-page basis. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new sub header by filling out the field under "Add Sub Header". Then click add.

  2. Select the new sub header you made, then assign an image from your site images.

  3. Go to the site page(s) where you want to use the custom sub header, then assign the sub header from the Page Custom Sub Header dropdown menu. Click on Save Changes when you've got the new sub header assigned.

Tool Sub Header:

Some pages on your site are tools, not normal content pages. So the process of creating custom sub headers is different. To use custom sub headers with tools you just need to create sub headers with the name of the tool.

Example, if a website uses the staff tool, you would create a new sub header and name it staff

Here are the names of each tool that you can use to create custom sub headers:

Series Manager Tool: messagearchive
Staff Tool: staff
Calendar Tool: eventcalendar
Invite a Friend Tool: evite
Prayer Wall Tool: prayerwall
Prayer Request Tool: prayerwallprayerrequest
Blog Tool: blog
Gallery Tool: gallery
Serving Tool: servinghub

We're constantly evolving and working to create new tools. If you don't see a tool name in this list, reach out to us and we'll help with any questions and update this article!

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