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Learn how to uploaded and manage videos.

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What is Site Videos?

Site videos is the area of the content manager where you can upload and manage videos for use across your website or channels.

Video Library

The Video Library shows you all videos that exist in your library. You can access embed code by clicking on your video, then copy the Embed Code. You can also delete videos from this page.

Video Categories

Some websites have front-facing video libraries that use categories for displaying videos. You can set up categories on this page.

Uploading Video

To upload a video, click on the Upload Video button, fill out the video information, then click on Start Uploading. You'll see the upload progress after clicking. Once your video is done uploading your page will refresh and show you a message.

Add 3rd Party Video

You can add third-party video from YouTube and Vimeo to the content manager. To do that click on the Add 3rd Party Video button, then fill out the video information. You can add the video by entering in the CDN URL, or by entering in the iFrame code. Click on Add Video when you're done.

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