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Site Images

Learn how to manage site images and graphics.

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What is Site Images?

Site Images refers to the tool that allows you to manage the various images/graphics used on your website. You can access Site Images by going to your menu, then go to Media > Site Images.

The Breakdown

Site Images helps you to organize your graphical media by allowing you to create folders, then you can place photos inside of those folders. In the illustration below MyImageLibrary is the main folder, then messages is a folder inside of that. Then you have the elijah.jpg image inside of the messages folder.

Creating Folders

To create a folder first highlight the folder you want to place your new folder inside of, then  use the Create New Folder field to create a new folder. 

Uploading Images

To upload an image first highlight the folder you want your image to be uploaded to, then select your file. Click Save files once your image is uploaded. 

To upload multiple images simply drag them onto the yellow area. Once they've successfully uploaded just click Save Files.

As your images are uploading you may see colored bubbles by their file names that indicate their status:

Green bubble: Your image is uploaded and ready to save.
Orange bubble: Your image is currently being uploaded.
Red bubble: There's a problem uploading your image. 

Deleting a Folder

To delete a folder first make sure it's empty, then select it and click on Delete Folder.

Deleting an Image

To delete an image, select it and click on Delete Image.

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