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General Settings

Change basic site information.

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You can modify general site settings using the General Site Settings menu. You access this menu, go to Settings > Site Settings

General Settings is the first page of Site Settings you see by default. You can also click on the General Settings button to return to the General Settings if you've navigated away.

You can change the following information using the General Settings Menu:

  • Client Name

  • Domain (we'll need to make changes on our side too if you change this)

  • Address

  • Google Analytics Tracking Code

  • Site Logo

Changing your site logo may not happen often, but we have the option available to you just incase.

  1. Upload your new logo to the Site Images tool, make sure it's the same size as the old one. 

  2. In Site Settings > General Settings - select your new site logo.

Note: The General Settings area is mostly used by FaithNetwork to set up your sites initially in our system. You shouldn't need to change these settings often.

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